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Teppan Lunch
Comes with choice of Shogun soup or Shogun salad, Hibachi vegetables and steamed rice.  
Fried rice $2.50 extra.  Natural Brown rice available upon request ($1.00).

Teriyaki Chicken   10
All chicken pieces prepared with Shogun's own teriyaki sauce.
Hibachi Chicken   10
Tender pieces of chicken cooked until golden brown with a subtle taste of lemon and sesame.
Hibachi Steak   11
Hand trimmed NY cut is the best anywhere... think juicy and delicious.
Teriyaki Steak   11
Take a great cut of meat and add our teriyaki sauce to create a great taste of our own.
Filet Mignon   12
Truly the ultimate cut of beef. Our extra tender filet will melt in your mouth.
Hibachi Shrimp   11
Bright fresh shrimp sauteed and spiked with a squeeze of lemon.
Golden Shrimp   12
Large butterflied shrimp smothered in our famous rich egg yolk sauce.
Garlic Shrimp   12
Large butterflied shrimp smothered in our great tasting garlic breading.
Spicy Garlic Shrimp   12
Looking for some spice? Try our spicy garlic sauce on top of our large buttered shrimp.
Sesame Scallops   12
Sea scallops cooked until crisp, tender and golden then graced with toasted sesame seeds.
Salmon Teriyaki   10
Firm northern Atlantic salmon filet smothered in our teriyaki sauce covered by snow peas and carrots.
Tuna Teriyaki   12
Tuna seared medium rare and covered in our teriyaki sauce makes for a delightful new way to enjoy tuna.
Calamari Teriyaki   10
Tender calamari steak, sauteed in our teriyaki sauce.
Combination Lunch
Choose any two or more items below for your combination.
Each meal comes with rice and vegetables, and a choice of soup or salad.
     Hibachi or Teriyaki Chicken   6
     Hibachi or Teriyaki Steak   8
     Hibachi Shrimp   7
     Golden, Spicy or Garlic Shrimp   7.5
     Sesame Scallops   7.5
     Salmon Teriyaki    6
     Tuna Teriyaki    7.5
     Calamari Teriyaki    6
     Filet Mignon    9

Sushi Lunch
Comes with a choice of miso soup or cucumber salad.  Natural brown rice available upon request ($1.00).

Chicken Teriyaki   9
Broiled chicken breast served with hibachi vegetables and rice.
Beef Teriyaki   11
Broiled beef served with hibachi vegetables and rice.
Salmon Teriyaki   10
Choice cutlet salmon (broiled) served with hibachi vegetables and rice.
Hae Dupp Bap (spicy)   11
Various types of sashimi served with leafy vegetables over rice.
Tempura Udon   9
Shrimp and vegetable tempura served over noodles with soup.
Nabe Udon   9
Chicken and vegetables served with noodles and soup.
Tonkatsu   9
Deep fried breaded pork served with ginger salad and rice.
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura   10
Shrimp and assorted vegetables fried golden in our special tempura batter served with rice.
Barbeque Beef Ribs   11
Marinated beef ribs grilled to perfection served with rice.
Bul Go Gee   11
Beef strips marinated with oriental sauce served with rice.
Bento Box   14
Traditional Japanese lunch box comes with beef teriyaki, sushi, California roll, salad and hibachi vegetables.
Sushi Combination   12
Shrimp, crab, tamago, tuna, salmon and cucumber roll.
Sushi and Sashimi Deluxe   17
An assortment of Chef's choice sushi and sashimi.
Roll Combination  9.5
California roll, cucumber roll and avocado roll.
Vegetarian Maki Special   8.5
Kappa maki, Oshinko maki and Kampyo maki.
Sashimi Combination   15.5
An assortment of five different fishes.
Chirashi Sushi   14
Assorted sashimi over rice.
Una Don   14
Seared Unagi served over a bed of rice with sauces.
Spicy Miso Ramen   9
Fresh ramen noodles in a chicken and miso broth mixed with assorted vegetables and grilled marinated chicken.
Stone Bowl BiBimBap   13
A traditional rice bowl with an assortment of vegetables, marinated beef and spicy pepper sauce served with sunny side egg.

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