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Izakaya 88


Banquets & Private Parties

Dine and have your meal cooked in front of you by our highly skilled teppanyaki chefs.


Small plate dining and craft beers in a comfortable upbeat lounge atmosphere.


Space for 50 to 200 people available in multiple settings to serve your event.

Come out and sing your hearts out!  Our MC's have all the newest songs for you to sing!  Enjoy our drink specials and let loose every Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00!


Ever want some Shogun but dont neccessarily want the hassle of running inside?  We'll bring it to you curbside, with a new feature called CurbUp!  1)  Simply place a togo order over the phone.  2)  Pay with CC.  3)  A text message will arrive on your Smartphone.  4)  Push the link when you arrive and we'll bring your order out to you!  Try it out today!  Just say, "I want CurbUp!" www.CurbUp.com

Slow roasted pulled pork bbq..  Lets try making that into a taco!  Add some pico de gallo and you have a delicious new flavor you gotta try!  

Kimchi is a traditional korean cabbage dish known throughout asia.  Through some recommendation from our long time customers, we tried making our own pizza with this unusual ingredient.  The Roffalz pizza is what we came up with!  Thanks again to Ross, Jim and Jerry!  The Roffalz pizza has homemade beef sausage, bacon bits, scallions, sashito pepper and our own non traditional tomato sauce.  But the kimchi flavor really sets in to give you something very different.  

Pork Taco - 7       Roffalz Pizza - 11

Come try our newest creation!  2 pieces of choice tenderloin steaks grilled and broiled with french roquefort cheese.  This cheese is one of the kings of cheese!  A unique flavor that goes great in these small sliders.  Also comes with a side of potato croquette with sesame dipping sauce.   

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