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Fried Rice   3.5
Scallions, onions, carrots and rice made teppan style
Rice 2 Ways   8
Beef, chicken or shrimp (choose 2)
Spicy Garlic Bowl   8
Shrimp or chicken, 7 spice, panko and fried rice



Spicy Sunomono Salad   6
Crabstick, arugula, apples, chicory salad
Avocado Tempura   4
Fresh avocados deep fried served with tempura sauce
Nameko Tofu   5
Nameko mushrooms and tofu mirin soy reduction
Shishito Peppers   5
Shishito peppers with salty and sweet stir fry
Brie Salad   8
Brie, arugula and Japanese vinaigrette
Eda Mame   3.5
Steamed or cold soybeans
Spiced Eda Mame   4.5
Chili, garlic, sea salt
Vegetable Tempura   5
Assorted vegetables in fresh tempura batter
Potato Croquette   5   

Potato with Japanese sesame dipping sauce



Tuna Tartar   11
Spicy tuna, grilled saku tuna in a cream eel sauce
Crab Cake   9
House made crab cake set on a bed of arugula
Sizzling Sashimi   12
Seasonal fresh sashimi, infused jalapeno ponzu in sizzling sesame oil
Shrimp Tempura   6
4 pieces of shrimp tempura
Tataki 88   9
Seared tuna served cold in light dressing and gobo salad
Soft Shell Crab   12
Soft shell crabs in chili sauce


Gyoza   5.5
Japanese chicken and pork potstickers
Seared Asparagus Steak   6
Seared steak, asparagus, endive and kaiware
Korean Flamed Chicken   7
Marinated chicken drum legs chargrilled, served regular or spicy
Pork Belly   7
Slow roasted pork belly, soy herb reduction
Chicken Kushi   5
Breaded tender chicken served with Japanese barbecue sauce



Meatballs 88   6
Beef meatballs, sweet cream sauce and mozzarella
Pulled Pork Burger  7
In house pulled pork, slaw, pickled red onions and jalapenos
Burger   7
Our version of a classic American plate. Figs and cream aioli sauce

The Rocquefort Steak Burger   12

Tenderloin steak, Rocquefort Cheese, arugula, potato croquette

Soft Shell BLT   9
Soft shell crab in a classic BLT
Nested Fries   5
Yolk, masago, sea salt dipping sauce, dill aioli
Korean Beef Tacos   7
Marinated grilled beef and garden greens, blue cheese
Fish Tacos   6
White fish seared with cabbage apple slaw
Shrimp Taco   6
Shrimp, chili, soft shell tortilla and cabbage apple slaw

Pork Taco   7

Slow roasted BBQ pork, asian salad, pico de gallo

Egg Roll   7

Beef egg roll served with sweet dipping sauce

Roffalz Pizza   10

Kimchi, beef sausage, bacon, scallions, pepper



Soup and Noodles 

Macku Udon   7
Executive chef Macku's traditional udon recipe
Spicy Seafood Udon   8
Scallops, shrimp, udon noodles assorted vegetables in seafood broth
Ramen   7
Slow simmered ramen stock, fresh ramen noodles and pork belly
Spicy Ramen   7
Spicy pork ramen noodles
Tonkatsu Ramen   8
Slow simmered pork broth, marinated pork, scallions
Miso Soup   3
Tofu, mountain mix, bonito, broth



Wings 88   7
Deep fried perfectly seasoned wings, served with spicy dipping sauce
Sticky Wings   7
Slow simmered sauce, soy and mirin
Garlic Buffalo Wings    7
Our version of classic buffalo wings




White Chocolate Raspberry   6
Swedish raspberry marmalade in chocolate cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake   6
Velvety chocolate, chocolate ganache crust and coconut cream
Key Lime   6
Key lime and strawberry puree on a graham crust
Mochi     single 2 double3.5
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, red bean, coffee and green tea

 Full teppan menu available as well

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